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In Boa Vista there is a type of music and song called barulio.
This is not the sound of the city, but of the market women, children playing in the street and the elderly chatting in the shade of the few trees growing in Sal Rei.
In the evening can be heard the notes of morna, reminiscent of the Portuguese fado, conceived in Boa Vista to sing the sodade: nostalgia and love for family members who have left the island in search of fortune.
Among the most famous vocalists, Cesaria Evora known not only for her smooth and refined voice, but for singing on stage barefoot and also Bana, Tito Paris and Ildo Lobo.
Originating in Africa is the Batuk. The great exponent of this genre is Lura. Sensual is the rythm of koladera that has its roots between Africa and Brazil, then Pasada, the dance of local brick, and finally the funanà, cheerful and rythmatic.